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FREE ONLINE EVENT: Hosted by Layne Booth - Online Growth Strategies

Featuring 30+ Women Entrepreneurs


Simplify & Scale Virtual Summit for Entrepreneurs

The 5 Day Masterclass Series for Women Entrepreneurs ready for Proven Tools, Systems, and Strategies to add their next 6-Figures
It's time to Simplify your Business, and Scale your Income
Simplify & Scale 5-Day Event Series Featuring:
Day 1: Get More Clients
Ellen Yin
Attracting Clients Without a Large Audience or Posting Every Day
Jenny Melrose
Attract Your Dream Clients & Sell to Them Using Instagram
Lisa Marie Pepe
Show up Online Like a Rockstar
Michelle Vroom
Make Money Anytime You Want With Your Facebook Group
Kayla Butler
How to Be Seen & Craft Engagement from Ideal Clients on Instagram
LaTisha Styles
Scaling Your Audience & Influence
Mallory Schlabach
Scalable Million Dollar Marketing Strategies
Kayla Ybanez
Sign Dream Clients Without Cold DMs
Anjna Lal
How to Get Qualified Leads Using LinkedIn
Day 2: Simplify Your Systems & Master your Mindset
Heather Hansen
Advocating for Your Business
Fallon Scott
To Scale or Not to Scale
Elizabeth Hartke
Breakthrough Your Entrepreneurial Ceiling
Michelle Bridger
Rapidly Grow a High Converting List with Facebook Ads
Jereshia Hawk
Selling your Signature Services
Allison Braun
Scaling with Spaciousness & Pleasure
Samantha Munoz
Simplify Your Website. Maximize Your Conversions.
McCall Jones
Creating Aggressive Devotion Using Video
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Hosted by Layne Booth

The 5-Day Online Masterclass Series

For Client-Focused Entrepreneurs Ready For the Proven Tools, Systems, and Strategies

to Scale up their 6-Figure Businesses (and Way Beyond!)

Day 3: Create Predictable Profits
Dr. Cheryl Wood
Monetizing The Transformation Power of Your Voice
Avis Jones-DeWeever
How to Turn Media into Money
Bonnie Bakhtiari
Your Purposeful + Profitable Brand
Debbie Arcangeles
Scaling your Business with Podcast
Kate Toon
Building 7 figure business by embracing your YOUNESS
Suzanne Chadwick
Building a Bold Brand to Scale
Kelly Lynn Adams
The Power of Play Brings Prosperity & Profit
Gillian Perkins
Scaling with Evergreen Funnels
Day 4: Masterclass: 4 Shifts to 2x Your Business 
Hosted by Layne Booth  
Day 5: Simple Shortcuts to Scale up your Business
Kathryn Moorhouse
Triple Your Traffic With Pinterest
Melina Palmer
Scaling Shortcuts with Buying Psychology: What your customer wants and can't tell you
Melissa Froehlich
Scaling With A CEO Mindset
Pip Harland
How to Build your Dream Team
Nicole Munoz
3 Systems to Scale
Katie Saunders
Scaling with a Magnetic Brand
Katherine Mackenzie-Smith
The VIP Client Experience
Hannah Koenig
Six-Figure Launch Strategy
Brittany Keeling
Using Automation To Save You 9 Weeks Per Year
Jordan Gill
How to Make 6 Figures a Year Working 4 days a Month

The FREE Masterclass Series for Driven Entrepreneurs

Hosted by Layne Booth

The 5-Day Online Masterclass Series For Entrepreneurs Ready For the Proven Tools, Systems, and Strategies to Take Their Businesses to their next 6 figures (And Way Beyond!)

If you thought hitting your first 5-figure month or 6-figure year was hard, we have news for you… scaling in a sustainable way—is a whole new world.
What got you HERE, won’t get you THERE.

It’s not just about joining the ranks of the “two comma club” either. Increasing your revenues exposes the critical need for strategies, systems and profits to fuel the growth.

Which requires YOU to stay on top of it all...

How Familiar Does This Feel?


You’ve pieced together a system here and there but it feels more like a “franken-system” rather than a helping hand. You’re still micromanaging every step of the way—and that’s costing you money, time and resources.

You’re tired of trying to make the impossible happen—turns out, you truly can’t be everywhere at once. Leveraging how you spend your time—and creating a solid strategy for sustainable growth —is required for the expansion and growth you want.

You know that achieving your next 6-figures in income won’t happen without refining your offers and shifting your streams of income —but putting together a strategy to do that has you stuck (and it’s starting to take a toll on your confidence).

For every new dollar that comes in, so do additional expenses. You need to go back to the basics of profitability to effortlessly increase your bottom line.
Attracting your ideal clients feels like an ever-evolving game of Guess Who. You’re ready to nail down your marketing to connect and convert them every time.
You crave authenticity. You didn’t start this business to sell out, so discovering new ways to sustainably scale, get amazing client results, and still enjoy income and freedom in your home-life is a MUST.
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Consider This Your FREE Ticket to Your First, or Next, 6-figures in Income. (Spoiler: When Done Right… It’s Easier Than You Think!)
Simplify & Scale starts March 1st!

Join Me, Layne Booth—Your Profitability and Scaling Partner—and the 20+ Marketing, Finance, Mindset, Social Media and Operations (and More!) Experts I’ve Gathered, For the How-To’s and Resources You Need to Scale Your Business.

Past Participant Love
Save Your Spot at My Simplify & Scale Masterclass Series to
Get 5 FULL DAYS of...

Actionable resources and discussions to help streamline your systems and propel your business towards larger profit margins … and you prepare to become unstoppable in 2021.
Discovering out-of-the-box ideas for increasing visibility—and getting paid top dollar to speak to, host, and educate audiences throughout your industry.
Approachable tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance and mindset, so you avoid burnout and maintain the passion you have for your business.
Proven strategies and business systems to make the most of every dollar you spend—in marketing, hiring, professional development, and more.
Learning how to cultivate content that builds trust, attracts the right audience, and motivates them to buy!
It’s not rocket science—but there is a method to the million-dollar madness—so why not learn from the experts that can say “been there, done that, scaled my business anyway!” 
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With Your Host Layne Booth...

Layne Booth is the CEO and Dashboard Expert of The Project Booth, a business growth agency that uses proven metrics and data to bring business owners to the next level in their business.

By upleveling client services with strategically planning and visual dashboards, business owners can reclaim their time to focus on their business, make data-driven decisions, and increase their income.

With her passion—and over a decade of “in the trenches” experience—as a guiding light, Layne ensures successful client-focused business owners simplify their strategies and increase their profits … so they can get back to running a business they love.

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